In Bass Drum, you will visualize your fingers tracing the rim of a bass drum suspended before you.

From the resting position, step forward slightly to the left, place the left heel while keeping most of your weight on the right leg, knees bent on both legs.

Raise your hands to about chest height. The finger tips are angled upward, hands in opposition to one another, about 10 inches apart.  Let your wrists relax fully along with your hands and your fingers.  As you shift your weight forward, your hands drop downward close to your body with the wrists flexing, and the hands changing alignment as your fingers trace the rim of the drum.

Let the tension fall from your wrists as they lead and do most of the work in this movement.  In your hands and fingers there is a feeling of the hands floating with the wrists.

Maintain a relaxed, upright posture with no leaning forward or backward.

Returning to the starting position, the fingertips continue tracing the rim of your drum, rising no higher than your chin.

Elbows remain close to the body as the arms never fully extend at any time.  Hand and arm movement is soft and continuous and should match the rhythm of your body’s weight shift forward and back.  Breathe easily.  Your eyes remain open, focused forward.

Repeat 9 times on the left side.  Return to the resting position and allow your Chi to settle.  Now, repeat the movement on the right side.