We now move from side to side.  In our hands, we imagine a ball, perhaps a glowing ball of energy.

Sinking at the knees, turn from the waist slightly to the right.  Your hands lightly caress the ball just above your right breast.  Step out directly to the left with knees bent.

Begin shifting your weight from right to left.  Your hands sweep your ball left and downward in a circular pattern.  Turn at the waist and allow your hips to swivel.  Flexing your wrists, carry the ball past the Tan T’ien on the low part of the circle, and in front of your throat on the high part.

The body moves in unison with hands.  The arms don’t lead, the body doesn’t lead, they move together.

Release tension in your wrists and hands.  When moving to the left, lightly emphasize with the right hand.

Completing the third weight shift from right to left, lift the heel of the “trailing right leg”, and place it next to the left, leaving an angle as in the resting position.  This completes the first set.

Pause, sink slightly again, and repeat the set a second and third time, continuing moving to the left.  Close each set by lifting the trailing right heel, and placing next to your left.

Linger in the resting position momentarily, then reverse direction back toward the right.

Sink at the knees, turn from the waist slightly toward the left.  Caress your ball just above your left breast.  With bent knees, step directly to the right.  Shift your weight, sweeping your ball downward and toward the right, a slight emphasis with the left hand. Complete each set of three movements by lifting the trailing left heel and placing next to the right foot.  After three sets in the right direction, allow your Chi to balance in the resting position before continuing with the next movement.