From the resting position, step forward, slightly to the left, place the left heel while keeping most of your weight on the right leg, knees bent on both legs.

Positioning your hands for this movement, think, “start low to go high”.  Begin with the hands palm outward at your side.  As you shift your weight forward, your hands travel in an arch to a position about throat high.  The left hand is closer to the body than the right, finger tips upright on both hands. 

Shifting your weight back to the right leg, fingers still pointing upward, the hands move first down to the level of the Tantien, and then to the side, positioned to smoothly repeat the arching movement as the body shifts forward again.

Release tension in the wrists and forearms.  Maintain your upright body posture with no leaning forward or backward.  

Repeat 9 times on the left.  Return to the resting position with your hands at your side, palms downward.  Allow your Chi to settle, feel balanced.

 Now, repeat the movement an equal number of times on the right side.  Complete the movement by settling once again into the resting position before proceeding.