From the resting position, step forward and slightly to the left, placing the left heel.  Initially support most of your weight on your right leg.  Both knees are slightly bent.

Position your hands, palms facing upward comfortably, about chest height.  The fingers should be open, held lightly with no tension.  To enhance your practice, visualize energy streaming in from the universe and entering your body through the tips of your fingers.

As you shift your weight forward onto your left leg, the upward facing hands follow a circular pattern similar to “Around the Platter”, maintaining a circular movement continuously as you shift your weight forward and back.  When moving toward the left, let your hands begin moving to the left side of your body to begin the circular movement. 

Keep your eyes open, relax, and breathe comfortably.  Allow the wrists, hands, and fingers to feel loose, supple.  Maintain your upright body posture, and keep your eyes open, gazing ahead. 

Repeat 9 times on the left.  Return to the resting position with your hands at your side, palms downward.  Allow your Chi to settle, to balance.  Repeat the movement an equal number of times on the right side.

When moving to the right, let your hands begin moving to the right also as you shift your weight forward.  Complete the movement by settling once again into the resting position before proceeding.