From the resting position, step forward, slightly to the left.  Place the left heel, initially keeping most of your weight over the right leg, both knees slightly bent.  Position your hands, palms facing forward, close to your chest.

Shifting your body weight over your left leg, your hands push forward and slightly downward.   As you approach mid way point, turn your hands toward you, cupping them loosely, and pull the energy back toward your torso as you return to the starting point, shifting your weight back to the right leg.

The body shifts smoothly in sync with the hand movement.  Allow the elbows to flow past the body, and then turn the palms forward again to begin the next move forward.  Move slowly, continuously to allow looseness in the hands, wrists, and forearms to prevail.

Maintain your upright body posture, without leaning forward or backward. 

You may slightly emphasize the right hand when moving forward on the left.

Repeat 9 times on the left.  Return to the resting position with your hands at your side, palms downward.  Allow your Chi to settle, to balance.

Repeat the movement an equal number of times on the right side, stepping out with your right leg, using the same arm movement, emphasizing the left hand slightly when moving forward.   Complete the movement by settling once again into the resting position before proceeding.