T'ai Chi Chih® Teachers

Only accredited teachers may teach T’ai Chi Chih®.  Teachers pass on instruction in T’ai Chi Chih®, keeping the form and practice in concurrence with the principles taught by Justin Stone.  Group instruction is a great way of learning TCC, enhancing your practice, and getting answers to your questions.

TCC Teachers are students also.  We continue to dig deeper, try harder, learning from each other and our students.    To determine if there is a teacher in your area, use the "Find a Teacher" link to the international TCC web site.  The information on this web site is intended to introduce you to and assist you in your study of T'ai Chi Chih®.  For those who want to receive more from TCC practice, I recommend connecting with an accredited teacher to improve your practice and understanding of TCC. 

The "Resource" links at the right hand side of this page provide connection to the web sites for "The Vital Force®", Good Karma Publishing, and to the T'ai Chi Chih® Association.  Any student of T'ai Chi Chih® may subscribe to "The Vital Force®" or order products from Good Karma Publishing.  If traveling to Albuquerque, NM, be sure to visit the T'ai Chi Chih® center.