Rocking Motion

The first movement, Rocking Motion, helps you to relax and settle in to your practice.

Your initial focus should be on the soles of your feet.  You want to feel calm and well-grounded.

From the resting position, step out with your left leg, directly to the left, so your feet are shoulder width apart, toes on both feet facing forward.  Your knees are bent, and there is a feeling of lightness in your stance.  Hands are held loosely by your side, palms facing forward.

Gently shift your weight forward from the Tantien.  As you rise onto the balls of your feet, your arms, held without tension, lift to about chest height.  In a continuous motion, the palms turn downward; your arms lightly fall as if moving through heavy air.  Your weight shifts backward, your feet rock slightly so the toes rise as your hands reach behind you, then move forward with a scooping motion.

Release all tension in your arms, wrists, palms, and fingers.  Your arms once again reach chest height, palms facing upward, then turn over and gently fall.  Repeat this movement, practicing in series of 9, 18, 27, or more until you feel settled and relaxed.